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Signs you may have a plumbing issue in your house & what to do

Dealing with plumbing issues can be a homeowner's nightmare, and depending on the nature of the problem, repairs can often be both troublesome and expensive. While hindsight is valuable, many plumbing problems can be prevented by recognising warning signs before they escalate. Some crucial indicators should be noticed, whether it's a broken pipe, severe dampness in your walls, or a faulty water pump.

Blotchy Patches: If you observe subtle blotching on your walls or ceiling, it could signify the early damp stages. However, a wet wall is typically a symptom of an underlying issue. Consider this scenario: a family friend recently had her guttering replaced, only to notice a blotchy patch forming on her bedroom ceiling a few months later. Upon investigation, she discovered that the overflow pipe, meant to channel water from her tank to the exterior guttering, had been extended using a piece of sellotape. The resulting leak had been dripping into her ceiling, posing a potential threat of extensive damage. Timely detection saved her from substantial repair costs.

Spluttering Tap: A tap that occasionally splutters may not be a cause for immediate concern, as it often rights itself. However, persistent spluttering could indicate a more serious issue. This may suggest a cracked or leaking water pipe or a more severe break in the connection, leading to trapped air and the consequent spluttering tap. Pay attention to this warning sign; it's advisable to investigate further and seek professional assistance if needed.

Slow Drains: If your kitchen sink or shower drains slowly, it could signal a deeper blockage in the pipework. Drains usually don't clog instantly; they gradually become slower over time. Before the situation worsens to complete blockage, attempting to clear the drain with a plunger while the water is still moving might resolve the issue. However, if the problem persists, prompt action, such as contacting us for blocked drain cleaning in Brisbane, is recommended.

Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure can be more than just a frustration; it may indicate a more significant problem, such as a plumbing system leak. Various factors can contribute to low water pressure, such as pipe obstructions, leaks, or issues with pressure regulators or tanks. Identifying the root cause is crucial, and if you experience low water pressure, consulting a licensed plumber is recommended for proper diagnosis and resolution.

Corroded Flexi Hoses: Under sink braided flexi hoses pose potential dangers, as they are susceptible to leaking and bursting, leading to water damage in your home. Over time, these hoses can corrode, eventually failing with serious consequences. Regularly inspecting and maintaining under-sink flexi hoses is essential to minimise these risks. Replace hoses promptly if any signs of wear or damage are noticed to prevent potential problems.

By staying vigilant to these warning signs, homeowners can take proactive measures to address plumbing issues before they become major, ultimately saving time and money.

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